How does it work

How does it work

CashbackFamily helps you save money on your purchases, and on those of your friends and family!


Thanks to CashbackFamily, when you buy from your favorite stores, you're not just saving money, but you actually earn it!

 1. Sign up
Sign up to CashbackFamily to receive your personal link, it's free!


 2. Search
Use your link to search stores and click on the one you want to buy from.


 3. Shop
For every valid purchase you receive a cashback, which is a percentage of what you spent.


 4. Get paid
When your balance reaches €30 you receive money via paypal or bank transfer.


You can also share your link with friends and family.
If they buy, you will get a cashback. If they sign up you will receive 5% of their cashbacks, and 1% of their friends' cashbacks!


Cashbacks are an opportunity to save money used by millions of people worldwide. At CashbackFamily, we have been using them for years! We have created this website to allow you to easily use cashbacks and save money!

If you want to receive cashback on your purchases and those of your friends, sign up to CashbackFamily, it's free!

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Only on

  Hundreds of stores

  Millions of products

  Cashback up to 35%

  Discounts and coupons

  Automatic tracking

  Simple to use

  Referrals on 3 levels

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